STAR Soccer Complex




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Map of Fields

The STAR Soccer Complex, the premier soccer facility in South Texas, is located in Northeast San Antonio on a site that once was the Longhorn Quarry. We've totally transformed the abandoned quarry into 13 full-size, championship-quality, fully-lit fields as well as one smaller practice field. In doing so, we've increased the areas number of fields by almost 25%. In addition to our world-class playing fields, we've included amenities such as restrooms, playgrounds and concessions to make a visit to STAR truly enjoyable. We've also assembled a top-notch staff that features some of the most respected names in the Texas sports community. The spacious size and outstanding quality of the STAR Soccer Complex now enables San Antonio to host a variety of soccer leagues and to accommodate large local, statewide, national and international soccer tournaments.

STAR Soccer Complex has 13 full size tournament quality fields and one warm up field. All fields can be modified to accommodate youth soccer and various other sports

  • All fields are fully lit and irrigated
  • The fields all have a 1% grade for drainage.
  • All drainage from the fields is directed to 8 acre lake adjacent to STAR Soccer and part of Morgan’s Wonderland
  • The lake is used for all irrigation of STAR Soccer and Morgan’s Wonderland. The level of the lake is maintained by two wells on the property. The wells are in the Austin-Chalk aquifer thus protecting the Edwards Aquifer.
  • The variety of grass used for STAR Soccer is TEXTURF 10 Bermuda grass and maintained with daily mowing between ¾” and 1”.



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